Online Therapy & Online Coaching

For online therapy or life coaching sessions (Skype or VSee) you need to follow the following steps:

1.  Make an appointment, request one by email.

2.  Check your email to confirm your appointment.  You will also receive an email with some information forms you must read and fill.

3.  Make the payment for your therapy / life coaching session here.

4.  Check your email again, you will receive a confirmation containing all the details of your appointment, the confirmation for your payment, and my
Skype or VSee usermane.

5.  Install Skype or VSee free software in your computer and create an account (Skype or VSee).  Both softwares are free to download off the

internet, easy to insatll and set up, and confidential.

6.  Add my username in your Skype or VSee contact list.

7.  I will contact you via Skype (or VSee) at the exact time of the appointment you made.


The fees for online therapy and coaching are the same as for in-person sessions.  Payment is made through PayPal before the beginning of the session.

To make the sessions more effective

-  Try to create a private space without any distractions, where you can be alone during the session time (preferably 10 minutes before and after the

-  If possible, use a headset with microphone and a webcam, if your computer doesn't have these built-in.